October, 2005
For Immediate Release

Spam Reader – Anti-Spam Solution for Active Mail Users

Moscow, Russia -- LuxContinent LLC announces the release of Spam Reader 2.0, an anti-spam plug-in that easily integrates with Microsoft Outlook and can work with Exchange, POP3, IMAP and HTTP accounts. Spam Reader is capable of catching up to 98% of incoming spam messages while important e-mail safely passes to your inbox.

If you are an active mail user, you are subscribed to various mailing lists, your mailbox receives messages from different mail accounts, then Spam Reader 2.0 is a right anti-spam solution for you. The program contains a set of features that can be useful especially for this type of users.

White List feature guarantees that all messages from your regular correspondents will reach your Inbox. Automatic recognition of newsletters and different mailing lists prevents accidental filtering these messages as spam. When the program detects a mailing-list letter it suggests user to add its address to Safe Recipients List. After that all messages from this list will be treated as legitimate.

The Microsoft Outlook users who receive e-mail from different mail accounts often use Outlook Rules to sort the incoming mail and to organize mailbox in a certain order. Spam Reader 2.0 guarantees you will have no conflict between spam filtering and Outlook Rules. By changing the program options you can set the order of Outlook Rules and Spam Reader execution.

In addition to advanced features, Spam Reader 2.0 implements highly accurate Bayesian spam filtering technology. Using “self-training” algorithms Spam Reader 2.0 regularly analyzes contents of your Inbox and Spam Folder to update the mail database for Bayesian filtering. In this way Spam Reader 2.0 can easily adapt to new or modified spam attacks.

Pricing and Availability: The fully functional Spam Reader 2.0 trial version is available for 30-day evaluation period. Registration costs only $29 for a single user license. Volume discounts are available.

Contact Information: If you have any questions, would like to request editor’s copy, want to inquire about special prices for volume buyers/software resellers, or have a business proposal, please contact Alex Rubin, Marketing Director, arubin@luxcontinent.com.

System Requirements: Microsoft Outlook 2000, XP, 2003
Company Website: http://www.luxcontinent.com
Product Page: https://spam-reader.com
Screenshots (TIFF, 300dpi, 1.4Mb): https://spam-reader.com/spam-reader-screenshots.zip
Download: https://spam-reader.com/spamreader20.exe


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