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It's a straight forward yet comprehensive spam filter for Outlook combining Bayesian filtering with smart white lists and works with all accounts...

Heinz Tschabitscher, email.about.com

"Windows Internals" Author

I'm very pleased with Spam Reader - it does a better job than built-in Outlook junk mail filter. I receive much spam and your product is a big help for me.

David Solomon, www.solsem.com

Our Users

Thank you! I can't imagine life without Spam Reader. It is the most awesome anti spam program out there.

Ron Rodriguez

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You can buy Spam Reader Professional by filling in online purchase form. Once the purchase process is completed, an e-mail message with your activation key will be sent to the registered address.

The difference between Free and Professional versions is that Free version after 30 days starts adding a small disclaimer text to every outgoing message while Professional version doesn't do this.

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Important Information:

No annual or monthly subscriptions. You pay only once and may use the purchased version of the software for a lifetime, all minor upgrades are free.

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Spam Reader Pro
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We offer 40% discount for educational, charitable not-profit, and church organizations. Contact us sales@spam-reader.com

Interested in volume purchase? Contact us at sales@spam-reader.com

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